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The governor of Oregon has mandated a 4-week freeze for Multnomah County which includes additional restrictions on in-person interactions.

Hello Members & Friends,

As you are likely aware, COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the nation as well as within Oregon. Accordingly, the governor of Oregon has mandated a 4-week freeze for Multnomah County which includes additional restrictions on in-person interactions.

The “freeze” restrictions are designed to protect others by reducing the chance for viral transmission from person to person. We follow all state-provided mandates to ensure the safety of our community & team. Please see below for FAQs relating to the freeze period but keep in mind that the below may change from time to time as we are provided additional guidance by the state. Please email any questions to

Thanks & stay safe!

- The Team Freeze Period FAQs

I’m a day pass purchaser and/or a meeting room client, but I don’t have a membership or private office. Can I still work from during the freeze?

- The governor’s office has noted that business offices should be closed to the public during the freeze
- Therefore, effective Wednesday  11/18 and continuing for the duration of the state-mandated freeze, will not allow access for day pass customers as well as meeting room rentals and Skyrise events

Can I still come to if I am a Float Desk, Dedicated Desk, or Private Office member?

Yes. Our interpretation of the state-issued rules is that monthly members are non-public and are therefore allowed to continue using as usual

I have a bulk buy day pass punchcard. Can I still work from during the freeze?

Based on our interpretation of the state guidelines, all forms of day pass purchasers – single passes or punchcards – are considered members of the public and are therefore unable to use during the freeze
Please contact us if you’d like to become a Float Desk, Dedicated Desk, or Private Office member. At this time, upgrading is still allowed as long as you agree to abide by our member COVID policies
Your punchcard does not expire and will remain valid after the freeze period ends

Will be open M – F 8am – 5pm like usual?

Yes. Our team will be onsite standard hours
The café hours will be reduced from M – F 8am – 3:30pm, to M – F 8am – 12pm. Drip coffee & tea will remain available after 12pm per usual

Are there changes to how I use if I visit during the freeze?

Yes. Masks are required at all times unless a) you’re eating/drinking or b) you’re within your private office while no members of other households outside of your own are present
Eating/drinking in the 5th floor break room/lobby area is temporarily suspended for the duration of the freeze
In-person member events are paused for the duration of the freeze will continue to uphold our rigorous safety protocols related to COVID-19 such as 2x/day sanitization of high touch surfaces, mandated hand sanitization/washing upon entrance, mandated glove use while using the break room, socially distant seating, natural air flow alongside MERV-13 filtration, and more.

I’m going to stay home for the freeze. Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Float Desk & Dedicated Desk members: you may “pause” your membership if desired. If you wish to cancel your membership, the standard policy of 30 days’ notice for cancellations will continue to apply.
- To pause or cancel your membership, please email & please include the date you’d like the cancellation or pause to take effect.
- During a “pause”, you won’t be billed for membership, and if pausing during a month you’ve already paid for, you’ll be issued a pro-rated credit for the remainder of the month after you’ve paused.
- If you pause your membership & you have an after-hours keyfob, the keyfob must be returned before your membership can be paused.
- Once the state of Oregon announces an end date to the freeze, the announced end date will be the date that all paused memberships are reactivated.
- On the first day of “normal operations” resume after the freeze period, any credit on file from the start of the freeze will be applied and then you will be billed for the pro-rated remainder of the month in which the freeze concludes
Private office members: the cancellation terms listed within your license agreement will continue to apply. Private office agreements cannot be paused.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the continuously evolving COVID-19 landscape. Please note that the rules & information within this post may change from time to time as we are provided additional guidance from the State of Oregon. logo
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