PLEASE NOTE: We're re-opening Friday, May 15th!  Check out our blog & learn how we're keeping members safe as we resume full operations.
Please note: + Skyrise are fully open! Please note that social distancing & mask requirements still apply; private events may face additional COVID restrictions. Please contact us at 503-987-0444 if you have any questions.
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Small Business Resources & Closure

Hi All,

Please see the below information regarding our temporary closure & other small business resources you can rely on in this unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in.

Is temporarily closing?

  • We will re-open once the viral transmission risk has dropped and/or Oregon state authorities advise small businesses to resume operations
  • Please note that we are technically a Multnomah County restaurant due to our in-house cafe. We will follow restaurant mandates accordingly.
  • The next 1-2 weeks are a critical period. Read more here on why all efforts to "flatten the curve" should be considered.
  • We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate your needs but we will do everything in our power to assist those in the healthcare/government/scientific fields.

Can I still come to if I have a private office, Dedicated Desk, or Float Desk membership with after-hours keyfob?

  • Yes. You may continue to access our space as needed.
  • Our staff will not be present, though our cleaning crew will continue their Tuesday evening cleaning schedule.

What if I need office assistance during the closure?

  • Our Founder Oliver will be onsite as often as possible during the closure.
  • Email or contact Oliver directly if you need assistance during this closure period.

Small Business Resources

What if I have to layoff my employees temporarily due to the COVID-19 situation?

  • Your employees may be eligible for unemployment coverage.
  • Click here to learn more about Oregon's unemployment resources

What if I can't pay my bills due to loss of income?

  • First, read about the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Disaster Assistance Loans by clicking this link.
  • Next, bookmark the following link: SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Tools.
  • This link contains a tool to check if your business is in a federally-designated "Disaster Area".
  • Currently, most Oregon counties are not classified as a Disaster Area, however, this is likely to change very soon.
  • Once Oregon, or your specific county, is declared a Disaster Area, you can file an application for emergency loan relief via the same link above.
  • The SBA is a federal entity that will provide up to $2MM in low interest, long term loans to your business if you have no other sources of financing available.

Will my insurance cover loss of revenue or other fallout from the COVID-19 situation?

  • Potentially, but based on discussions we've had with our insurance brokers, it's not likely.
  • Most insurers exclude virus & other disease outbreaks from covered events for loss of revenue and similar policy coverage.
  • We are not insurance agents; check with your broker/agency to learn more about what your policy may or may not cover.

How do I keep my customers & team as safe as possible during this outbreak?

  • Review & uphold guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) by clicking here.
  • Below are tips from the team that may help you weather this crisis if your business is negatively affected by COVID-19:
  • Get your books & 2019 taxes in order as quickly as possible. Once (or if) SBA disaster loan programs become available to Portland-area companies, you want your financial house to be in order to expedite your loan application.
  • Buy gift cards from your favorite local businesses. It's a great way to support them while avoiding in-person use of their products and/or services.

Thank you & stay safe in this unprecedented time.

Oliver & the Team

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